Electrical Power Product
  1. Power Conditioning Products and Systems are manufacturing and Re-Structuring for the Electrical Network studies and Power Quality Management. We have special expertise in power factor correction and harmonic filtering system. We have Specialized ourselves in Harmonic filtering solutions - clean power solutions. We have done more than 100's of studies in last few years and offered successful solutions to 10000+ customers all over India.

    Major Industrial and Commercial users from small, medium to large scale have gained immensely in terms of energy saving & improved efficiency of Network with recommendation and solutions offered by us. Our team consists of skilled professionals with high Spirits and sound technical knowledge.

  2. We provide full line of residential products to power your home. These include incoming metering for both single and multi-unit homes, custom panel boards of all sizes and ratings, and distribution & metering switchboards for larger dwellings. Similarly Commercial Integrated Backup Power Systems offer reliable and flexible custom solutions to ensure your critical systems stay powered in the event of a utility outage. Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Lift Inverters, Servo Stabilizer, Battery Charger, HF Series Online UPS, GTX Series Online UPS and PTX Series Online UPS for the following sectors.

    Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Banking, Hospitals, Hotels, IT firms and so on...