LED Lights Consulting
  1. Buying LED lights for your business is easier said than done. With thousands of worldwide companies entering into the LED market-place, how an organization to decipher between the important variables that are necessary when making an educated LED purchase?

    • Have you calculated desired lumens?
    • Is there a necessary wattage reduction to hit a sustainability goal?
    • Depending on the lighting application, are specific optics and angle of light distribution a concern?
    • Does your franchise require specific photometrics?
    • Are the purchased LED products accredited by DLC, UL, or Energy Star to qualify for rebates?
    • Does the manufacturer have a return policy?
    • How many years are the LED products warrantied?
    • Is the labor for installation warrantied?

    The list of variables goes on and simply put, LED lights aren’t cheap. Prior to making these decisions, our clients find value in considering all the necessary variables in purchasing LED lights for their business.

    Whether exterior or interior, wouldn’t it be nice to walk into this purchase with the utmost satisfaction that your business is acquiring a legitimate investment?

    Contact us and learn how to qualify for LED samples and manage this project with the utmost due diligence. Wouldn’t it be nice to install sample LED lights to test the lights and see if they’re in line with what your business is looking for?

    Contact us today!